About Us

Need a new dress for every occasion? This is the place to find it! Want to make money from your wardrobe? This is the place to do it!

BorrowMyDress.net enables teen and 20-something women to borrow the perfect dress for every occasion from their friends for a small fee or for free. BorrowMyDress.net creates a bespoke online wardrobe from the Facebook friends of each user allowing each user to search, borrow and buy their friends dresses in exactly the same way they would with an online fashion retailer. The phrase “I have nothing to wear” is gone forever!

BorrowMyDress.net also enables its users to make money from their wardrobe by lending and or selling their dresses to their friends for a small fee.

Every year billions of euros are spent on dresses that only get worn once. That’s crazy! BorrowMyDress.net mobilises and monetizes each user’s wardrobe so they can get value from it by lending dresses to their friends, but also allowing users to sell their dresses to their friends and the wider BorrowMyDress.net community. BorrowMyDress.net does not take a cut from the fee a user generates from lending or selling their dress.

With 15 to 20 dresses in each user’s wardrobe and the average user having at least 200+ female friends on Facebook, each borrower could have access to 3,000 to 4,000 dresses conservatively. That’s based on the direct friend relationships on Facebook. Dresses can also be lent to “friends of friends” on Facebook at the owner’s choice, which increases the number of dresses available to a user exponentially.

BorrowMyDress is a fun and practical platform that allows users to solve the real problem of not having the perfect an outfit for every occasion. Young people have busy social lives with 18th birthdays, 21st’s, debs, balls, graduations, parties, nights out, weddings etc. BorrowMyDress.net is intended to ease the financial and fashion burden that this busy social life creates.